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Need to sell your home fast? We will buy it for CASH within 7 days

Nash Peters can help you sell your home quickly with an immediate cash purchase of your property.The process takes between 7-14 days. And we can be confident in stopping any eviction notices right away. Nash Peters is a private company which has over 20 YEARS of experience, great financial strength and the leading HOME BUYER in the UK.

A cash offer

Nash Peters will make a CASH-only offer for your property. Our expert team is committed to offering a fair and realistic price, based upon a quick house sale.

No fees, no fuss

Everyday, we buy HOUSES FOR CASH throughout the UK, regardless of size, condition or price. Our team of experts will give you a FREE consultation & valuation with no-obligation offer. In addition we will pay all your legal and estate agent fees upto £500 and organise the entire process for you.

The normal route

Selling your property the "normal" way, is a trade off between price and time. The whole process typically takes up to 6- 12 months, and while you may receive slightly higher valuation, you are exposed to legal fees, estate agents fees, surveys and further mortgage payments. Most purchasers are also in a property chain, and your sale may depend on a chain of 8 properties or more!